APRIL 7TH, 2018


Parents are asked to volunteer at this event to ensure it goes off without a hitch.

Volunteers positions:
Picture tent Marshall
Concession attendants
Field set up and take down

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2018 LCYSA Opening Day Jamboree and Picture Schedule
Saturday, April 7 at Beasley Park
Team Name Picture Time Game Time Field
BU18 8:30 9:15-10:15 B1
GU18   8:40 9:15-10:15 B1
BU16 8:50 9:45-10:45 B2
GU16 9:00 9:45-10:45 B2
ALL U6 9:10-9:40 9:30-11:00 B3
BU14* 9:50 10:30-11:30 B1/B4
BU10-Turner/Ruth 10:00 10:45-11:30 B5
BU10-Clements/Silva 10:10 10:45-11:30 B5
GU10-Bjur 10:20 11:15-12:00 B6
GU10-Slozka 10:30 11:15-12:00 B6
BU12 10:40 11:30-12:15 B3
GU12   10:50 11:30-12:15 B3
BU11 11:00 11:45-12:30 B4
GU11   11:10 11:45-12:30 B4
BU9-Brennan 11:20 12:15-1:00 B5
BU9-Samms 11:30 12:15-1:00 B5
GU9-Eikenaar/McDell 11:40 12:30-1:15 B6
GU9-Rodgers/Paddock 11:50 12:30-1:15 B6
Photographer's Break 12:00-12:30
BU8-Leboe 12:30 1:30-2:15 B1A
BU8   12:40 1:30-2:15 B1A
GU8* 12:50 1:30-2:15 B1B
BU7-Thompson 1:00 1:45-2:30 B2B
BU7   1:10 1:45-2:30 B2B
GU7-Blaskovits 1:20 2:00-2:45 B2A
GU7-Evans/Hazen 1:30 2:00-2:45 B2A

Have your team organized in the Picture Area at least 10 minutes
prior to your Picture Time. Follow instructions of assistants to help 
keep pictures on schedule.
Tickets for player lunches will be handed out adjacent to the Picture Area, but please only
one designated person per team (eg. Coach or Mgr) to pick up.
If you are the last game of the day on your designated field, please help
organizers by collecting nets, cones and flags.
Ensure that you bring pinnies with you, and co-ordinate with your opposing coach
as to who will wear them-hard to tell teams apart if they are both orange!
*Teams listed without an opponent: we are trying to find you someone to play,
but you may have to have an intersquad game if no opponents can come (remember pinnies)
Remember these are friendly games to kick off the season, so if teams are mismatched
work with your team and your opponent to keep things fun and positive for the players. 
Also remember, this is a training day for our referees, so treat them with the same
respect that you would want to be treated with.

At the Jamboree we encourage everyone to participate, ensure you get your photo taken to give you the memories created through out the year!!
its the time to get to know your team, play a little soccer and eat some yummy foods!


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