2019 Soccer Schedules- Game day


Rank Pts Group Team
Boys U6 Boys U6-blue
Boys U6 Boys U6-Green
Boys U6 U6 Boys- Maroon
Boys U7 Dairy Queen Avengers
Boys U7 Dairy Queen Freezeeee
Boys U8 Dairy Queen Lightening
Boys U8 Dairy Queen Shockers
Boys U9 Dairy Queen Crushers
Boys U9 Dairy Queen Tornados
Boys U10 Gord Turner Renovations Flash
Boys U10 Gord Turner Renovations OrangeKrushers
Boys U11 Gord Turner Renovations Wolves
Boys U12 Gord Turner Renovations Rebels
Boys U14 Strikers
Boys U16 Attackers
Boys U18 Smash Boys
Girls U6 U6 Girls-Light Blue
Girls U6 U6 Girls-Purple
Girls U6 U6 Girls-White
Girls U7 Dairy Queen Monarchs
Girls U7 Dairy Queen- Bees
Girls U8 Diary Queen Sparks
Girls U9 Sharks
Girls U9 Wild Flowers
Girls U10 Blizzards
Girls U10 Shooting Stars
Girls U11 Warriors
Girls U12 Sweet Leg Ignitors
Girls U16 Sweet Leg Igniters
Girls U18 Sweet Leg Impact

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